We are hardworking, conscientious lawyers who are known for being the most prepared, capable lawyers in the courtroom.

Practice Areas

We are trial attorneys whose practice is on creditor's rights, collections, and owner operated business disputes. We are your company's outside counsel when a dispute arises.   We try cases... and have a expertise that provides client's  a competitive advantage in court.  A non-exclusive list of our experience:

  • Commercial contract litigation

  • Bank/Servicer/Finance company collections click here

  • Unfair Competition/Trade Secrets/Non-Compete Agreements 

  • Construction Litigation

  • Contracts and Agreements

  • Employment Issues

  • Unfair Competition/Trade Secret

  • Non-Competes

  • Fraud and Fiduciary Issues

  • Internal Investigations (including HIPAA/SAR/PII)

  • Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Issues

  • Compliance and Regulatory

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